Online Information 2008

From Monday 1 to Thursday 4 December I’ll be attending the Online Information 2008 conference in London. The conference programme includes a wide variety of topics divided into three different tracks: «Web 2.0 after the buzz», «Breathing new life into search» and «The brave new world for libraries and publishers».

The official conference programme actually starts Tuesday, but I’ll start the week by attending a workshop Monday afternoon called «How to make Web 2.0 work». I definetely look forward to starting the conference by attending the workshop, which looks into which Web 2.0 applications are used in the workplace. In this session I hope we’ll look into real-life examples that shows how Web 2.0 can be used with success in the workplace, and examples on what not to do will obviously also be of interest.

The conference programme Tuesday is packed with different lectures, as is Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll go for a mix of topics, but it seems like I’ll be a bit «2.0’ed» when the conference closes Thursday afternoon. Apart from the Web 2.0 stuff, I’ll try to look into some Open Access and web search related issues, as well as attending sessions on intranet management and the semantic web.

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