Rescue your Delicious bookmarks – now!

We share lots and lots of web content across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. But if you’re like me, you’d like to preserve some of the content in a more structured manner than the ever-flowing content feed of social media networks.

Delicious still alive

Delicious på iPhone
Screenshot of my Delicious bookmarks, 18 July 2011.

To save and share links to articles, web sites and other web content of interest I’ve been using «old school» social bookmarking site Delicious for some years now. I’ve always liked Delicious for its ease of use and noiseless design, but in December last year rumours about Yahoo! closing down the service gave me and many other users sort of a wake up call.

Consequently I immediately did a back up of all my bookmarks and started a search for new ways to save and share bookmarks.

Luckily Yahoo! didn’t close down the service immediately and in May YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen aquired Delicious from its previous owner.

Just do it!

Some time during July the transition from Yahoo! to the new owners will be finished. This means that you need to take immediate action in order to secure your Delicious bookmarks. Today, not tomorrow.

If not, your bookmarks will be lost and can’t be restored.

And it’s easy. Very easy:

  1. Log in to your Delicious account.
  2. Confirm that you let Yahoo! transfer all your bookmarks to the new owner AVOS.
  3. That’s it, really. Now you’ll be able to continue using Delicious the exact same way you’re used to.

What’s next for web content preservation?

The search for ways of saving and sharing web content in a more structured manner led me at first to Diigo, a competing social bookmarking service. Moving your bookmarks including metadata from your existing Delicious account to Diigo is straightforward, and you can actually cross-post to your Delicious account from Diigo too.

Diigo has a few advantages such as a mobile app (Android, iPad, iPhone) and an option to access your bookmarks offline – socalled «read later» functionality. Comes in handy if you’d like to read articles and blog posts on your daily commute or in other settings with an unpredictable network connection.

You can follow my shared bookmarks at both Delicious and Diigo for the time being, but I haven’t concluded what type of service I’ll use permanently for saving and sharing web content yet.

In addition to Diigo I’ve tested Instapaper a bit too, but it’s more of a read later service than a tool for preserving bookmarks. Saving and sharing web content through Evernote seems like an interesting option too. And who knows how the new kid in town Google+ will evolve?

Yet to be concluded!